Power BI September 2020 Updates Total Labels for Stacked visuals

We recently had a requirement for a visual for a stacked column chart with a grand total

Our stacked chart contains:

  • Axis – Month year
  • Legend – Category
  • Values – Metric

To get this working we had to create a line and stacked column chart.

The line was hidden so we just had the data points and we just about got away with it. it did look a little messy though.

For the Line we went to Format

And set the stroke width to 0 so the line wasn’t visible. Only the data points and labels are visible.

Now there is a fix for this specific issue so we can try it on this specific report visual

First the report gets changed back to a stacked column chart

In format there is a new Total labels Option

Total labels are now on and a background colour of grey has been used.

The visual now looks much simpler. This small change will make a great deal of difference. time to find all those work arounds in the reports we have already created

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