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Moving Power BI to different Environments (Dev Test Production etc)

Currently we are in Development and I only have a Development database to connect too. However, very soon there will be multiple environments to connect too

  • Development
  • Q&A
  • Production
  • Test

Currently the development area is simply hardcoded

If you need to change to a different environment to test the Power BI Reports against this environment, this becomes quite a task.

Transform Data to get back to Power Query Editor

Add in the new environment, removing the old one and then check everything is still working

Change to Parameters

Go to Options and Settings and Options

Tick Always allow parameterization in data source and transformation dialogs

Server and Database can now be created by text or parameters.

Click on Server and New Parameter

Each environment is on a different server

Next comes the database (Environment)

Transform Data in Power Query Editor

You can see you environment in your parameters shown under queries

You can simply click on your parameter and change your current value

Then Publish to the correct Workspace

When you log into the App Workspace for that environment

Go to the data set and check the credentials

You cant change your environment parameters here, but its a good way of second checking that you have published to the correct App Workspace

Personally I would like to see more here, It would be nice to associate an App Workspace with an environment.


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