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About Me

Debbie Edwards. Microsoft Specialist (BI) at Peak Indicators

My name is Debbie Edwards and I’m passionate about Business Intelligence and how it can take data to the next level. I love to be in a role where I can really pull everything together in an environment that supports actively creating and delivering intelligence using the best technologies available.

I have been working within Business Intelligence for over 17 years and have delivered many projects, including Business Process Re-Engineering A&E Systems for Hammersmith Hospitals, NHS Data Migrations, Derbyshire Disabilities, Special Educational Needs, Social Care Complaints, Trading Standards and Transport Business intelligence Solutions.

In my current role at Peak Indicators I’ve been able to indulge my Business Intelligence ‘hobby’ to the max.

Its here where I have moved from On Premises Microsoft Business Intelligence to all the latest cloud based Technologies. I currently get the opportunities to work with Power BI and Azure.

Suddenly, so many new BI Opportunities were open to me. I’ve created Reports and dashboards for companies in the utilities industries, Local authorities, banking etc.

I’ve also given talks on Power BI with the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and East Midlands Chamber through Peak and give Power BI workshops.

As far as I’m concerned, no matter how long you have been in the Business Intelligence industry there is still lots to learn so I thought I would set up a blog to share any new knowledge or things to watch out for with everyone.

What People Say

This is not only a new, different and better Power BI 2.0 – it is a new, different and better Microsoft.”

Edward Price

The amount of interconnect cable we have across Azure datacenters is enough to go to the moon and back three times over. It’s crazy.

Satya Nadella

Power BI is one of the most powerful business intelligence tools out there, allowing you to pull vast amounts of information from a wide variety of sources


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