Power BI Updates September 2020 – Mini blog – Maintain layer order

To get an understanding of this new feature lets have a quick look at a chiclet

it currently has a rectangle shape behind it. If you click on the rectangle and it becomes highlighted, the shape is brought to the front so we cant see the chiclet

So every time you hover over the report with the rectangle selected it pops up which is quite annoying

With the rectangle still selected, go to its format and switch maintain layer order off.

Now even with the rectangle selected it wont pop up over the chiclet.

This is great if you have more complex reports with bookmarks and underlying shapes to create a nice report structure. You can set this so your backgrounds wont obscure your visuals when you are using the reports.

its a pity this doesn’t do the same within Desktop. When you are developer you are still hit with the same issue. So this only applies to service.

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