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Power BI Admin. Increasing awareness when publishing a report – December 2020 Updates

It is very easy for Power BI Developers to create and then publish reports to the service without much thought.

It will be different from company to company, but it would be great to remind developers each time they publish that there are certain standards that need to be maintained for each published report

With the December 2020 Update there is now a way for the Power BI Admin to create a message for your report Developers on Publish.

The power BI Admin (or global Administrator) can go into Power BI Admin Portal

As the Admin, lets add a message for our users to make sure they understand the importance of the security on the App workspace.

Should they be using Security groups rather than email addresses?

There are many considerations that you can address here (to 5,000 characters)

This new setting may take about 15 minutes to work and become part of the publish process.

Once set up, every time you publish you will see the disclaimer

This gives your developers a final reminder of all the checks they need to do before publishing.

This is a great new addition to the Admin tenant settings.


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