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Power BI March 2020 New Drill through Functionality

Currently we have lots of visuals on the report pages and the only way to know that they drill through to other reports is to hover over them

In the March 2020 release there is new functionality in the form of buttons

Add a blank button

This button is now set to drill through preview and you have chosen the drill through page. On normal drill through, everything this that is available is shown which is difficult when the report structure is complex. This allows you to target and manage the drill through structure.

Nothing selected
31 days selected

And this drills through to the detail reports for 31 days. Note that the tooltip in Desktop tells you how to drill through. Lets see this in Service.

Change the text on the button

Lets customise the button text using conditional formatting

the data item behind this drill through is ‘Resolved in’ and then it contains number of days categories.

Create a new measure

A new measure has been added to the dimension table containing the Resolved in Item

String for Resolved in Button logic = IF((SELECTEDVALUE('dim table'[Resolved in ],0)==0),"See Resolved in Details", "See Details for " & SELECTEDVALUE('dim table'[Resolved in ]))

If the selected value is null, set it to 0. So if its zero, show “See resolved in Details”. If its not zero then it can be displayed

Add New Measure to the Button

Resolving a noisy drill through with Drill through Buttons

This visual in this Drill though report has three Drill through’s for Incident. Then the stage of the incident. Finally the Business Property Drill through. All are valid but we would prefer to Not have the stage here because this should only be accessible via Incident.

Add two buttons. Link one to the Incident Drill through report. The other to the Business Property Drill through report

We want the button to be dark red when its active.

Create a new measure for the Incident in the incident Dimension

String for Incident in Button logic = IF((SELECTEDVALUE('dim BPIncident'[Incident Ref],0)==0),"See Incident Details", "See Incident Details for " & SELECTEDVALUE('dim BPIncident'[Incident Ref]))

And add this as conditional Formatting to the button Text

Create a new measure in the Business Property Dimension

String for Business Property in Button logic = IF((SELECTEDVALUE('dim BusProperties'[BP Number],0)==0),"See Business Property Details", "See Business Property Details for " & SELECTEDVALUE('dim BusProperties'[BP Number]))

And add this as conditional Formatting to the button Text

And now you should get drill throughs that the user can immediately see and use. Avoiding the stage drill through because it doesnt match what we want the journey to be

Note that the buttons are greyed out


  • The button takes up more space.
  • Currently you have the drill through button and the drill through on the visual. This could be confusing to the user. It would be great if you could turn the drill through on the visual to off