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Power BI Composite Modelling (Multiple datasets Report) – Couldn’t load the data for this visual

This blog is for anyone using the new App experience (August 22) and has created a report using multiple datasets and the users can’t see the data

We have

  • A workspace
  • A Dataflow
  • Multiple Datasets
  • A report using all the datasets
  • An App with testers
  • There are two testers with access to the testing report

The app is published but the users only see visuals with no data. When they try to refresh they see this error

This seems to be a issue with the composite model. It turns out that for users of composite model reports you need to have the following turned on.

This means that the people in the testers group can view the composite report. But as a after effect they can also build reports over the datasets.

I believe Microsoft may be aware and are looking into this. But for the time being. Any users of composite reports need to have this permission selected.