Power BI table Visuals, and the STAR Schema. Ensuring you have a connection between your Visuals

Working with users who like a lot of Table visuals in their reports, there is sometimes a tendency to not want to include the measure in the table visual which can result in the following annoying situation

Using another really basic example

the Fact is about Events and the join is between EventtypeKey and DateKey

Our Visual contains the Event Description from the Event Dimension. this visual could contain data items from multiple dimensions but the thing to understand here is that these dimensions are not part of the column chart visual

The Column visual contains Month name from the Date Dimension and the Number of events metric

Number of events = DISTINCTCOUNT('Fact'[EventKey])

If we click on a column the hope is that the table visual interacts and we only see Events in that month.

Not the case. You can click on a bar and you still see every event description. In this instance our join is not helping. How you you resolve this?

Adding the measure into the table visual

The connection is now there because of the measure so this works. But the user doesn’t want the measure in the table visual.

So what Next

Add a Filter to the table visual

If we ensure that we only show items where that specific measure is not blank we can finally see the visuals interact.

A simple filter and a bit of thought over the data model and the joins has resolved the issue and now we can have tables with data from other dimensions that aren’t used in the visuals

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