Power BI Pipeline Issues and Access requirements

In a previous blog we looked at setting up a Pipeline

However, we have found an issue, when you Deploy to Test or Production. the issue resulted in getting a better understanding of the permissions you need in order to create and control the process

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The Deployment hangs and doesn’t continue on to creating a new Premium App Workspace. If you click refresh, a workspace gets created but it is none premium. In other cases nothing gets created at all.

This is due to the person who is setting up the Pipeline. They may be Admin in the initial Power BI App Workspace but they may not be able to continue on to actually create the Premium Workspaces

In our example, the Power BI Administrator set up the Premium App workspace and then assigned myself as admin. I didn’t set it up.

there are two ways of doing this, especially when working against Dev and Test. They can be set up as Power BI Embedded in an A SKU

Or you can have a Premium capacity Workspace (You must have this if you want the Production area)

Example using the A SKU

We are using Power BI Embedded created in Azure

I am able to create the Premium test and Premium Production environments. But after testing with a colleague, the issue happened.

Lets have a look at what we have set

Power BI App Workspace

We are both Admin

Azure Power BI Embedded

In Azure. Search for Power Bi Embedded. We already have this set up.

Go to Access Control (IAM)

We have User 2 (Rebecca) set as Owner. We also tried this at contributor level but the issue still occurred.

  • Contributor – Lets you manage everything except access to resources
  • Owner – Lets you manage everything including access to resources

You need to go to Power BI Capacity Administrator. I was previously set as the capacity administrator to the Power BI Embedded Capacity. Once Becka was added here we were able to successfully move through the Power Bi Pipeline steps without anything hanging.

Therefore, If you are a user in charge of setting up Power BI Pipelines, you must be a Power BI capacity Administrator

To Test. Do you have to be Owner or Contributor in order to use the Power BI Pipeline once it is set up?

Azure Power BI Premium capacity

Power BI Premium is not created as an Azure Service.

Power BI Premium is Managed by the Power BI administrator within Power BI service. Settings and Admin portal

You actually don’t have to be a Capacity Admin in Premium, but do need Capacity assignment privileges.

The Capacity or Power BI Service Admin can arrange for this to be sorted
And you need to be able to create new workspaces,

that’s also an Admin setting.


Pipeline Access settings Matrix

Power BI ServicePower BI EmbeddedPower BI Premium
Set up the PipelineAdmin – Perform all other actions below. Assign and remove workspacesPower BI capacity Administrator
Use the Pipeline Dev to TestAdmin – Perform all other actions below. Assign and remove workspaces

Member – View Workspace Content, Compare Stages, Deploy reports and dashboards and remove workspaces.

Dataset Owners can be either Members or admins and can also Update Datasets and configure rules

Contributor – Consume content, Compare Stages and View Datasets.
Owner? Contributor?
Use the Pipeline Test to ProdAs aboveOwner, Contributor?

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