Power BI Lineage and Impact Analysis

Another new feature from the May 2020 Microsoft Business Applications Summit

This became available in April 2020 and its a fantastic feature. Lets have a look at it

There is a lot going on in the Adventureworks Portal. Lets go to View to go into the Lineage View

The Lineage View gives us a lot of information so lets look at everything in more detail

Data Source

We start with the data sources. this gives us information about the type of Data Source

  • Local Database
  • Azure Database
  • xlsx

Click on each source to find out more information


I can immediately see there are issues with the dataflow

Clicking the two arrows allows you to see the lineage of just that one object

Everything else is greyed out

Clicking on the data flow shows you the objects within the flow but you cant look any further at the items within the object or any of the code behind the objects

Data Sets

Note the blue icons. This shows that the data set has been promoted for use. There is also an icon for certified data sets (If admin allows you to certify).

You can Promote datasets, Dataflows are currently in Preview. To do this, go to the Settings and Endorsement

Back to the Lineage

Within the data set we can now see the data items within each table object.

We can also see the measures that have been created with DAX, but we cant see the code that creates the DAX


The Reports contain all the visuals. If you click on the Up Arrow you can open the report


Finally information about the dashboards.

the great thing about Lineage is the ability to see everything that connects together

This will even work for reports and dashboards that are connected to data sets in other App workspaces.


Check the impact of any changes. here we see if impacts very little.

You can also send an email to everyone who needs to be notified that a new data set is being published. this goes out to your Contacts List

Go to Your App workspace and select Workspace Settings

Go into Advanced and change the contact list. this will ensure that everyone receives an email about any impacts and changes.

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