Power BI New Visuals Feb 2020 Release The Funnel and Pyramid chart by XViz

lets again have a look at the Adventureworks visuals using the Adventureworks warehouse as the sample data set

Funnel and Pyramid chart by XViz

Great for looking at Lead to Customer Conversion process for Sales analysis. Also great to visualise business functions like Organisation Hierarchies.

a very simple example is to look at Sales by Education

Its very possible that those actually in a College activity are providing us with the most revenue (Partial College)

YTD Internet Sales was change to Show value as Percent of Grand Total and in Format. Labels were turned on.

You can also change it into a Pyramid

as an example, the sales team have their own data of Prospective Buyers and the code changes when they convert to actual customers.

In Power Query Editor, a New Column has been added to track conversions

A custom column was also added and set to 1 for an easy customer count.

We only have 4% of customers as leads at the moment. Over 51% have converted to Large Scale Projects with us.

1 % have had one call from us so the Sales team need to get more leads and make more calls.

Click on the report Advanced Editor

And you can add Conditional Formatting.

However, there seems to be an issue here because, we have 6 in the range but the colours only come out in three groups which isn’t correct

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