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Creating New Teams in Microsoft Teams and Power BI App Workspaces (The Classic to New App Workspace issue)

Microsoft teams is your central hub for teamwork so we can all collaborate in one place. its an offering of Office 365.

Microsoft Teams are part of Office 365 Groups
  • You can either, Make a team and connect it to an existing office 365 Group
  • However Creating Teams rather that Office 365 Groups is probably the best solution

Teams can be private or public. They will have an owner and Members and guests.

When you create a new Team channel. For example

And then move to your Power BI Service you will find this …

An App workspace that corresponds to the team. In fact, you have lots of App Workspaces. Only some are actually relevant to power BI. Teams does not create the Power BI workspace. Teams actually creates an O365 group and Power BI uses the O365 groups created

You either

a. Want to work with it as a proper app workspace and add reports and Dashboards

b. Really don’t need it in Power BI and want to get rid

Lets look at these options in more detail

Use the Teams Workspace as an App Workspace

I have data on the training courses offered so I have decided I want to use this app workspace

the Report is published to the App Workspace

Here are the menu items for the Report created over the Teams app Workspace

And here are the menu items for an App workspace that was specifically created in Power BI

Notice that Settings and Access aren’t there. This means you cant collaborate with your team in the Workspace or look at the workspace settings. Why is this?

When New Workspaces are created in Power BI Via Teams, the App Workspace is created as Classic. Not the new Workspace. New Workspaces aren’t tied to the Office 365 Group.

In order to collaborate in classic you need to click on … and go to Members. This takes you to Office 365 and you have to add individual members from here.

We don’t want the Workspace to be tied to Office 365. and we want to change the App workspace from Classic to New

Are you an Admin / Owner of the team?

No. I am a member of this group. Because of this there are no other options to look at in here.

To Upgrade to the New App Workspace you need to be a Group Admin. If the person who created the Teams channel isn’t a regular user you may want to see if you can get yourself admin permissions via the Teams owner

And change from Member to Owner

Now as an owner you can Edit this workspace

You can now See Advanced. click on this to get to the upgrade option

Select Upgrade Now

Once the workspace is upgraded it is no longer tied to the Team or Office 365 and can be used like the standard Power BI New App Workspace.

Delete the App Workspace as its not required

The Team has been created and its now in your Power BI App Workspaces list. Its not required and its just adding extra information into Power BI that is not needed

You are the Owner of the Team and can see this when you go to Workspace Settings


If at this point you delete the Workspace, its still connected to Office 365 and you will delete everything.

Use the information above to Upgrade the the New App Workspace before deleting.

The App Workspace must be disconnected first by not being a classic Workspace.

And if you want to try this out. test with a small team first. We have done numerous tests and after upgrade the Delete hasn’t removed anything but better to be safe than sorry.

there is a Post on this in Power BI Ideas


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