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Power BI Switching Tenants and User Accounts (Emails) but can only see Dataflows from previous tenant

Recently we did a training course with two developers in our own tenant under two training accounts. the training was done on their own computers but they logged into our tenant with our training details.

Then they moved back to their own tenant in Power BI Pro with their own details to start creating a data flow.

They have an App workspace and are both Admins in the workspace

Developer 1 Created Workflows within this App Workspace.  Developer 1 can open these data flows but Developer 2 doesn’t have access because they are not the owner which seems like the correct logic. they should only be able to use them in Desktop.

However, when both Developer 1 and developer 2 both go into Power BI desktop and attempt to connect to the data flow (Both Desktop and Service is connected to the company account)  they see a dataflow that was created our tenant when we were doing the training course. the new data flows cant be seen by either Developer.

They have both tried to refresh the view (Above) but this didn’t work. This does seem to be something that happens with the users log out and use a different account in a different tenant

How to resolve the Issue

Use Files Options and settingsData source Settings

then find Power BI Dataflows in Global Permission, then Clear Permissions of it.

When you Connect to the Power BI Dataflows again you have to sign in. Sign in as the current user, then you can see the Dataflows of your current account.

So if ever you are working in more that one tenant, remember this fix if you can only see the dataflows from the previous account


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