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Power BI 2020 Updates. Hierarchical Slicer

We currently have a report with a hidden slicer panel, and one of the slicers is for Date. We want the user to choose the month of the report

Click on the visual and you can see that its the Hierarchical slicer from the Market place

However, Power BI February 2020 updates includes this feature on the main slicer. Can we Change out hierarchical slicer to the original Slicer and see how it looks?

Options and Settings

Currently this is a preview feature and it needs to be turned on and Power BI re -started

Use Selection Pane to check where the original slicer is

The Slicer is currently in the Slicer Group on this specific Bookmark

Now, with the Slicer visual selected, simply click on the original slicer in Visuals to change the Visual

Lets see the difference

It looks great and there is no need to add an additional visual from the market place

I’ve set single select to ON so you can only choose one month

I think this looks like a great new update and one that clears extra visuals from your reports


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