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Power BI November 2019 updates

To look at the new power BI Updates I went for my go to Data Set Adventureworks data warehouse

I have added the following tables

  • DimEmployee
  • Dimdate
  • DimSalesTerritory
  • DimProduct
  • DimProductSubcategory
  • DimProductcategory
  • Dimcustomer
  • FactInternetSales

Use the Updated Ribbon

Once I have added the data I want to start using the new power BI Ribbon in preview. go into Options Preview Features and select the Updated Ribbon feature

You have to restart to get the new ribbon

It looks quite different. Lets see how it goes…..

Decomposition Tree

A brand new AI visual available in November is the Decision tree. I have used the Key influencers with social media data which is great so i am very excited about this new visual.

With the new visual, we can do route cause analysis, Look how individual categories contribute to a whole and we can also rank categories against the selected measure.

Again, this is a preview feature so it needs enabling in options

Just like the Key influencers visual, we need something to Analyse and data to explain the analysis by.

Unlike Key influencers where we analyse by category (e.g positive, negative and neutral) Here we are analysing a metric

Lets pick something to look at

class breaks down the sales amount

Next, i clicked on the + next to H and chose product category. We can now see that Bikes takes up the majority of the H category

Next try using the AI feature, Options are: High and Low value. I’m going to choose high value. It will look though all the categories that are left and pick the category with the highest contributor to that metric

The lightbulb against the title lets you know its picked by AI

lets do the same but look at lowest value

Its is picking out Central region as the very lowest of the explain by values

This is fantastic, You can also lock a level so a user cant remove it, change the colours etc. I cant wait to use this on my actual working data sets

Advanced Gauge

Straight away, the new ribbon changes how you go to the marketplace

Now you go to More Visuals and From Appsource to get to the marketplace

go for the Advanced Gauge from xViz

I have Year to date Internet Sales and Quantity of products bought

I also have measures for Last year Year to Date Sales and quantity so I can add these into the gauge.

There are other options like setting minimum and maximum values and tooltips

Hierarchical Filter

I have used the Hierarchical slicer before, lets see how the new Filter looks (get from Appsource – Hierarchical Filter by Eviz)

You need a hierarchy in your data to use this visual. I have the Group Hierarchy (Group Country and region) One of the best things about this visual is that, not only do you use it to slice your data but you can add a measure which gives you even more information right on the slicer its self.

However, I don’t think it comes across as a slicer, something that the user can interact with.

Financial reporting Matrix by Profitbase

A Matrix with financial formatting options

The video talks about Sticky rows and sticky columns in that you can set them to always be on screen even while scrolling which is good.

However the Information on the Overview video uses

There is a note on this one. Its really hard to delete, it took me a fair while the other day to click it in the right place to delete what is possibly a measure called DateCalculations in the columns section so this may be one to look at in more detail later.

Distribution Visual

More Visuals – From App Source

This is supposed to be great for setting up a global legend, however no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the visual to display any information so this one is a fail for me


Some Pretty good updates this month, Im specifically excited about the Decomposition tree.

Another major one for me is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator connector. However I’m not sure I have the right set up to use it at the moment.

the video explains that you need Enterprise Plan in either admin or reporting user roles you can use the connector but what is not mentioned is what this is? Is this Linked In?

I will be looking at this in more detail hopefully at a later stage