Add a help video to your Report visuals to engage users

I have a drill through in my crime reports so you can drill through to the data from the top level report. However, sometimes I am aware that users struggle with these cool Power BI Features.

A new feature is that if you have a drill through, you get a Right click to drill through message on the tooltip. Is that enough? for some people its not. Some people don’t understand the concept of drill through. They may need more visual help.

And its all about making sure the users are getting the full benefit of Power BI so its worth adding a few extras

How about creating a short video of the drill through in action that you can add to the visual.

To create a video of the drill through I am going to use ezvid as its free for this demo. Camtasia is the solution I want to move to because this will save the file as an animated jpg.

I have downloaded from the following site

And in order to record a small part of my screen I have had to set my monitor to display at 100%

Ezvid creates a final.wmv file

Convert wmv to jpeg

the video needs to be a jpeg in order to work so I need to convert the file I have created

For the purposes of this example I have used convertio

an online tool for conversion.

and I have simply converted and downloaded the file to a gif.

Back to Power BI

In the report, add a new page. I am calling in Drillthrough tooltip

Right click on the worksheet and hide the page

next in page format, go to page information and Set Tooltip as ON

Go to page size and set type as tooltip

Next in Page format go to page background and add image (I am adding the video that I created. make sure you have the location of the jpg to hand

Make sure that transparency is at 0% and the Image fit is Fit.

You should be able to see your gif moving in your tooltip page which is ready to be used in the top level report

Go back to the visual that will be using the drill through animation

In format for the visual go to Visual Header and scroll right down to Visual header tooltip icon

Tip. People are missing this is the list, note that there are two scroll bars and ensure you have scrolled down to the bottom with the inner scroll bar.

A little Question mark appears at the top of the visual

We now have a new option in the format list. Visual Header Tooltip, where you can add written instructions on your visual

but we want to do something fancier and have the video clip playing

Change the Report page from none to the tooltip page and now when you hover oper the question mark a how to video will play.

This is a great way of showing off some of the more involved concepts of how to use Power BI.

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