Power BI October 2019 New Visuals and Publish to Web

To start to have a look at these new visuals I have downloaded some crime stats for my local area

I want to try out some of the new visuals in Power BI in the October Release whilst also doing my first public upload of a report. the visuals in the XViz suite can be used for free, you can purchase them with full functionality. I am using the Free Versions of these visuals

Hierarchy Variance Table (xViz Visual)

Compare measures within a hierarchical table and see the variance.

the first thing I need is a hierarchy which I created using Crime and Status.

E.g. Possession of Weapons

  • Offender Fined
  • Court Result unavailable
  • Under Investigation

I went to the market place and selected the new hierarchy Variance table

to do that I simply dragged Outcome Status over category to create a hierarchy.

Crime is simply a metric I added 1 for each row in order to Sum

Time period is our date Column

Note all the information you get from this new visual. A spark line and an indicator along with the metrics that the visual creates for the visual

In Formatting you can also go into format Number formatting and switch on Semantic Formatting that colours the cells based on positive or negative values

You can also right click on the items in category and Get access to options like what to display, sort and rearrange the hierachy.

So what does this tell us? I’m going to look at Robbery.

the first thing to note is that if you have a Filter on Year, If you select a Year the data disappears and you are left with just Baseline. If you have a Year Filter, remember to ensure Interaction is off for this visual.

we have 9 records in total. It seems to be taking Baseline as the total for 2018

For target it seems to be taking the data from the first quarter of 2019. This doesnt make sense to pitch 2018 against 2019 First Quarter

Lets see if Vehicle Crime makes any more sense

Again baseline appears to be the total for 2018. target of 4 could be Quarter 1 and Quarter 2? Missing Quarter 3. So the question is, How does it arrive at the baseline and target?

Unfortunately as yet, there is nothing on line that explains how these metrics are calculated which means we have no way of knowing at the moment. Until this information is clearly provided I would say that this visual is not fit for purpose.

I certainly wouldn’t want to demo the visual for a customer to say, what does baseline and target relate too? At present I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. If you have an idea please let me know.

Linear Gauge Table (xViz Visual)

Compare a Value (resolved) to a target goal (% Number of Crimes) Ideally we want 95% of these Crimes resolved in the data set

This is very straightforward. For Actual value I want resolved crimes and the maximum value will be the number of Crimes.

I have also set Condition to On in formatting where under 60% is red. everything over 90% is blue and everything in between is amber.

Straight away we are in the red for number of crimes solved

Tag Cloud (xViz Visual)

I use the Wordcloud for Twitter data where I have already used an Azure text API to create me a table of Keywords. tag clouds are very similar to Wordclouds and allow you to look at tags of words in the data

Tag cloud takes advantage of extra-Miler tags within the data set (The words that mean more within your data set) tag cloud finds these ‘Keywords’ and displays them.

In this case I am using category of crime

category = category

Size Value = Crime (Metric)

Key Influencers

Its not new but I thought Key influencers would be a great visual for this report. I have added a conditional column against outcome to ensure we only had a few conditions to choose from

For No action taken, No suspect identified is the top influence. Further questions could be, why is this the case? Should we not be doing better on finding the person who committed the crime?

Publish to Web

I now have all the visuals I need to get the information out their. its not private data so I can publish to the web. I want to publish to this wordpress site

First of all, Lets publish to My Workspace in Power BI Service

then log in to check that the Report is in My Workspace

Publish to Web

Once there, go to File and Publish to Web

For the time being I have copied the Link and HTML

Install WordPress Plugin

You can install the WordPress plugin for PowerBI

However you need to be on the Business Plan to do this. I’m not on the Business plan. Its £20 per month.

So to end this post, here is the link to the public report


The Key Influencers isnt available in Publish to Web Format

You should always be aware when publishing to we that there is no security in place so never publish to web any information you are not happy for everyone to see

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