Power BI March 2019 Updates

Each Month Power BI Releases an update and we like to go through the updates and come up with our favorites of the month (And those updates that aren’t as successful)


Top of the updates for me this month is the update to the Modelling view

The Modelling / Relationship icon has changed.  You can show your model in different views so have the full model. Then separate views making things much easier to deal with when checking models.

You can select a field and edit the properties of that field in the properties model

Folders can also be added to select fields that should be displayed together


Default tooltip formatting

This may be my favorite update this month. Tooltips are so important when working with interactive Reports so having the ability for format them, to give them the look of the overall report is very important to the look and feel.

In order to work with this, you need to go into Formatting and scroll down to Tooltip. Then Choose Default and Formatting options will become available.

Cross highlight by Axis label

Another small but great new feature. You can now select the title of the column / bar etc. instead of highlighting the column which makes things much easier when working with low value columns like above

This is fantastic, and I can now select the title to drill through instead of trying to click onto the bar when the data is a small number. This is a great new feature.

Static web URL support for buttons shapes and images

We can finally now go to URLs via buttons shapes and images. Go to ‘Action’ and select Web URL as Type.

Very useful feature when you want to connect to other tools to deliver full Business Intelligence to the company.

Selection pane improvements

Using Shift Click or Control Click we can now choose multiple objects in the selection pane.

I’m incredibly happy with this one because I voted on it on the idea’s forum.

The best thing for me is that you can rename objects to make them easier to find instead of just Button1 Button2 etc.

Previously it was possible to have lots of objects with the same name. Button, Text Box etc. Now you can finally name them ensuring that working with Bookmarks or layer orders are a lot easier

Heat Maps

My least favorite update within Reporting is the Heat Map option on Bing Maps.

There are lots of things you can do to configure the heat map, but I still find it quite an ugly look. I always prefer the round data points or even better, the Filled map. In my mind it just looks neater than the heat map.  Still, any extra formatting functionality are a good thing

Custom Visuals

Power Slicer

The new Power Slicer, Available from the Market Place should have better formatting and chiclet availability in here. There is also a default value selector.

(new Date().getMonth()+1

The above is the javaScript for select current Month

There are lots of different layout options. You can format the slicer. It looks better than the original filter

I tried the new Power Slicer and Like many other people found it un-useable because of the watermark. It is a real pity because Its mentioned on the Power BI Update video but its not a successful update.

I was really looking forward to using this visual, so this was disappointing

Data Connectivity

Another Major disappointment is the Azure Cost Management Connector. I was really looking forward to getting started with this but haven’t yet been given the correct details to use it. The How to guides appear to be out of date.

It asks for the Billing Profile ID, but no one knows what this is.

Here’s hoping they sort this out soon because at present this data connector is not working.


The issue still stands on the 5th April so let’s hope it’s resolved in the next release

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