Power BI Bookmarks, Buttons and Toggles


When creating Power BI reports you will be working with multiple pages and may want to include a menu for each page. We can also go further and set up toggles to display your data in different ways

To create Power BI reports that are more user friendly and interactive we need to understand Bookmarks

Cost Of Organised Crime UK 2010 2011.pbix (Example Power BI Desktop File)

horr73-tabs.xlsx (Example File to be used with the Power BI report)

Creating an Initial Report

I have created an initial report from 2010 2011 UK Crime Statistics https://data.gov.uk/dataset/8a1e0712-b724-420e-8c35-ef5cb54dbd28/costs-of-organised-crime

and updated the data to xlsx using


The Report contains a few pages of very basic reports because I want to focus on bookmarks, buttons and toggles

I have created 6 reports. Choose some data that you are interested in and set up numerous reports

Setting up Bookmarks

I want to add buttons on each page, so the user can click quickly to each report.  To do this we need to set up bookmarks for each page.

My first page is called A1 1. Go to the page and click on View to select Bookmarks pane

With the correct page selected click Add and I’m calling this bookmark A1 1. Because you have created it with the A1 1 page (1st page selected) this is now your book mark for Page 1

Go to each page an and set up a new bookmark

Now you can click on Each bookmark and note that you are seeing the right report against each bookmark

Choose your buttons

You can go about this a few ways. We can add images or Buttons. For this example, I am going to use images with different borders to denote on or off

 For your first page choose a relevant image (Or button and add text)

Position your button / Image on the page

Do this for every page until you have a button for each page on page 1

Once you are happy with the positioning copy and paste each button / image to the exact position on each page

This will mean rearranging your pages slightly to incorporate the menu

Connect your button to a bookmark

Each Button needs connecting to a bookmark. For Page 1, we do not need to do anything to Page 1 icon because the user is on Page 1. Go to icon 2

In format image, set Action to 1. Connect it to the correct bookmark.

I have also added a tooltip over the image

Repeat for all the other images on page 1 (Apart from the image for page 1)

Once completed go to page to and repeat for every image on page 2 (Apart from the image for page 2)

At the end of this, all the buttons on every page should be active and connected to the correct bookmark

APART from the button for the page you are on which should be inactive

Format the Inactive Button on every page

You can’t test the buttons in desktop but imagine you are clicking to different pages. How do you know which button is inactive because you are on that page? You need to distinguish the different between active and inactive buttons

Go back to page 1. I have used an image and there are other ways of doing this. If you are using a button. Or if you want to use another image etc.

I am simply going to replace each image with an image to show that you are here.

On page 1. Delete the inactive Page 1 Logo and replace with the new logo

Do this for every page

You could also change the back ground, add a border etc.

Test out your buttons in Service

I am going to use my Workspace in the service. In Home, go to Publish and Publish to My Workspace (Or whichever app workspace you want to publish too)

Let’s go over to Service to test the buttons


Go to your workspace and Reports and click on the new report that you have made

Click on each button to make sure it links to the correct page

Tidying up the reports

You can now get to each report via your buttons. Note that each report also has a tab at the bottom of the screen. Only want the user to click on the buttons. Not the tabs as it may get confusing. Go back to desktop

Right click on Page 2 and choose hide page. Do this for every page apart from page 1

Page 1 will become our main page so I’m going to rename this Main

Republish you report and go back to service

Note that you now can’t see the tabs for the other reports


You report is looking good but for one of my pages I want to show the data in a different format and I want the user to be able to select the way they look at the data

For this I need images of toggles which I have downloaded

This is slightly more complex than setting up the bookmarks for each button. Go to the report that you want to change and add a new bookmark. I’m calling it A1 10 Tables

Its time to open up the selection view.

Note that for the original bookmark, the selection shows you everything on this book mark. I need to go to the new bookmark and hide everything that’s specific to the original page

I would also like to mention here that you can also now Change the name of the item in the selection bar so all your images can relate to the image in the report, rather than just displaying card.

This was a feature added in a later Power BI Update.

In the new Bookmark click on the icon against the objects on your report to hide

I have hidden 3 objects.

(The current design makes it almost impossible to distinguish Hidden from none hidden objects which I’m hoping they change)

https://ideas.powerbi.com/forums/ 265200-power-bi-ideas/suggestions/36265075-selection-pane-icons I am going to add a table to this new book mark now I have cleared space

Note that the table is now in the selection.

However, if you go back to the original bookmark the table will be in here too overlapping with all your other visualisations.

Simply select the first bookmark. Hide the table. Right click on the first book mark and update. You can now flip between the two bookmarks to see it move from visualisations to a table

Add your toggles

Finally, we need to add toggles so we can use them to toggle between bookmarks. On Bookmark one I need to add space for the toggle. I’m also adding some text

Now go to the second bookmark. Notice that you can see the toggle and text. They will need hiding but in the meantime. Add the second toggle image and make sure it’s the same size as your other toggle

With the first toggle in place, resize the 2nd toggle and then place this toggle over the top of the first toggle. Add your text

Go back to bookmark one and hide the new toggle and text. Remember to Update the Bookmark.

Go back to the new bookmark and hide the 1st toggle and text item. Click to each bookmark so you are happy with what you can see

Bookmark 1

Bookmark 2

Connect up your toggles

Now its time to connect your toggle. Bookmark 1 needs to go to Bookmark 2 and Bookmark 2 needs to go to Bookmark 1

In Bookmark 1. Select the 1st toggle. Same as before. Under Format Image, switch Action to on. Set to Bookmark and select Book mark 2

Repeat for Bookmark 2

Test your Bookmarks

Go back to the first report. Save and publish your updated report

Test your toggle

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